Your Regional Data Center (RDC) at your service

SFEI is the regional data center for the San Francisco Bay-Delta and northern montane regions. The Institute manages water quality, tissue, wetlands, historical, and spatial data, and develops tools for uploading, accessing, and visualizing data. The tools below integrate and display data in meaningful ways to inform different audiences. The datasets also listed represent the products of rigorous, quality-controlled data processing.

In addition to developing tools, SFEI provides web services for some of its data layers so other groups can include these data in their applications.

Need help?

Californians depend on SFEI to process data bound for CEDEN due to both its long track record of excellence and its balanced background in technology and interdisciplinary science. Learn more about our services, and please contact us if you would like help making your data publicly available.

Web services provide a standard way to access geo-referenced data online. Although potential uses are numerous, typically web services allow one machine to exchange data with another for timely, automated, and efficient sharing of information.

The Institute collects world-class data to support and inform natural resource management. We make these data freely available with the terms for attribution indicated for each dataset. We welcome your feedback about these data.

Data Visualizations are core to SFEI's work. We regularly visualize data in innovative ways to transform data into information and knowledge.

Data Tools allow you to explore data that are available for visualization, using the latest technologies. You can often download the visualized data via charts, graphs, or tabular layouts.