SFEI’s Environmental Informatics team has designed and developed the Bay Area Flood Explorer for the Bay Conservation and Development Commission's (BCDC) Adapting to Rising Tides (ART) program. The project is designed to highlight threats posed by sea level rise. The map displays sea-level-rise data created by AECOM, which was developed with support from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Bay Area Toll Authority, and the greenhouse gas reduction funds. The Bay Shoreline Flood Explorer is intended for regional planning, as well as raising awareness of risks to housing, commercial interests, transportation, and other infrastructure posed by sea-level rise.

The Explorer is uniquely suited to support planning in the Bay by indicating areas vulnerable to flooding. The concept:  “One Map, Many Futures” is reflected throughout the tool– depicting locally relevant water levels while integrating county specific sea level rise and extreme tide data.

The tool also utilizes the San Francisco Bay Shore Inventory GIS dataset, which was created by SFEI, and employs this data to  indicate scenarios for which overtopping is likely. Phase one of the Bay Area Flood Explorer launched in May of 2019, with phase two expected to begin in June of 2020.


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