May 13, 2016

GreenPlan-IT, a toolset created in a collaboration with SFEP, US EPA, and local partners, has been featured in the newsletter of the National Water Quality Monitoring Council, which has in turn been distributed broadly to subscribers throughout the nation and beyond.

Planners in the San Francisco Bay Area can rely upon GreenPlan-IT, a free tool that is designed to support the cost-effective selection and placement of GI in urban watersheds. The GreenPlan-IT Toolkit comprises three tools: (a) a GIS-based Site Locator Tool to map and rank potential GI sites; (b) a Modeling Tool to determine baseline conditions and project runoff and pollutant load reduction from GI scenarios; and (c) an Optimization Tool that uses cost-benefit analysis to identify the best GI installation scenario within a watershed for achieving flow/load reduction goals. Tool outputs are used by municipalities to develop watershed master plans to guide future GI implementation to address water quality and quantity targets.

Currently used by the cities of San Mateo, San Jose, and Sunnyvale, it will soon be used by Oakland, Richmond, and other cities in the East Bay.



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