Dec 4, 2015

With the conclusion of the first round of funding for the Green Plan Bay Area project, SFEI produced GreenPlan-IT in collaboration with SFEP, a technical advisory committee, pilot partners, and BASMAA. GreenPlan-IT is an innovative planning tool to help municipalities evaluate multiple management alternatives for green infrastructure in the urban landscape. Already, the cities of San Mateo and San Jose have successfully used the toolkit's geospatial and modeling capabilities to develop quantitatively-derived watershed master plans to guide future GI implementation for improving water quality in the San Francisco Bay and its tributary watersheds.

Now, SFEI's work is expanding under a new round of funding from US EPA. The Water Quality Improvement Fund will expand the tool's use to additional municipalities throughout the Bay Area, provide opportunities for enhancement to the three existing modules, and develop new capabilities served by the Tracker Tool, which will help manage information about Green Infrastructure in the landscape.

Tony Hale
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Clean Water Program
Watershed Monitoring and Modeling
Environmental Informatics Program