May 8, 2019

A team led by Dr. Jing Wu penned a paper in January on using Green Stormwater Infrastructure to protect the Bay from PCBs and other contaminants. "Optimal Selection and Placement of Green Infrastructure in Urban Watersheds for PCB Control" is now featured in the Editor’s Choice section of the Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment for the American Society of Civil Engineers. 

The paper discusses how to use GreenPlan-IT, a toolset created by SFEI with funding from the SF Bay Regional Water Boards and USEPA, to determine the optimal placement of green infrastructure (GI) within the developed environment. Such placement will capture the maximum amount of targeted contaminants before they enter the Bay. The journal's special recognition comes at a time when many municipalities around the SF Bay, the state of California, and indeed, the entire nation are actively planning their implemention of green stormwater infrastructure to increase permeability, decrease impervious surfaces, and promote a healthier environment.

The team hopes that additional readers will help to promote wise decisions in the placement of green stormwater infrastructure.

Jing Wu et al
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