Jul 18, 2016

Working in partnership primarily with the City of Richmond and the County of Contra Costa County, SFEI is developing a new GreenPlan-IT Tracker. The new tool comprises another module within the GreenPlan-IT Toolbox which, along with its three other modules, helps to plan, assess, optimize, and track municipal efforts to reduce stormwater run-off and reduce pollutant loads to the Bay. Where the other GreenPlan-IT modules concentrate on planning and prospective estimates of effectiveness, the new Tracker looks retrospectively at completed installations of green infrastructure to offer reports for compliance purposes.

The tool uses the latest GIS (Geographic Information System) methods to help collect data to characterize each green infrastructure installation in the city or county. Once the data set is complete, the tool provides an interactive map to allow users to query the portfolio of green infrastructure for a given area, whether a neighborhood, city, or county.  These measurements will be used for reports to regional and state authorities, as well as for public outreach efforts to explain past and ongoing investments. The results are already promising, with great interest by local partners and local stakeholders. 

Tony Hale