The Urban Nature Lab is performing an advanced analysis of occupancy patterns of California quail in urban parks throughout the state to inform decisions about reintroduction. The official state bird of California, quail are an area-sensitive species of bird that has gone locally extinct in the Presidio of San Francisco, as well as other urban settings, yet persist in some urban parks. This project utilizes citizen science data from eBird to conduct a habitat suitability analysis and to build occupancy models to understand which factors affect survival of quail in parks (e.g. park size, presence of coyotes, shrub cover) and what steps could be taken to help ensure survival. These results will provide specific, actionable information for parks across the state, as well as evaluate the impact of specific management interventions that could be taken at the Presidio to maximize the likelihood of success for a potential reintroduction program.

Megan Wheeler
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Resilient Landscapes Program
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