Jan 22, 2016

SFEI's Jeremy Lowe speaks to NBC reporter Stephanie Chuang about the opportunity the Bay Area currently faces to transform its natural infrastructure to reduce flood risk. Chuang visited SFEI during a King Tide to understand its potential to illustrate the current and future effects of sea-level rise on our aging infrastructure that rings the Bay. Lowe explained that the effects will not be localized only to communities in close proximity to the Bay or in low-lying areas, but because the infrastructure for waste water treatment and other critical services are build on the Bay's edge, virtually all Bay Area residents might share a common fate. Chuang writes,

Jeremy Lowe of the San Francisco Estuary Institute warns that cities and agencies need to do more to prevent flooding as King Tides and El Nino storms could possibly caue billions in economic damage to infrastructure, homes, and businesses.


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