Oct 9, 2015

SFEI's senior scientist Jeremy Lowe has appeared in a video with the Coastal Conservancy's Amy Hutzel, the South Bay Salt Pond Project's John Bourgeois, the Bay Area Economic Council's Sean Randolph, Save the Bay's Allison Chan, and Match.com's Gary Kremen, to provide background in sea level rise and its threat to the Bay Area's aging infrastructure. In the video and related interviews, he applies his knowledge in sea-level rise and coastal geomorphology to help the public understand the need for greater investment in our critical stormwater and wastewater infrastructure, which must be adapted if we are to reduce the impact from rising tides.

The video details flood risk in the Bay Area at a critical moment in time, as well as potential solutions that will protect businesses and communities and improve Bay health. Rising waters, increasingly volatile weather, and neglected shoreline infrastructure have created a growing risk to residents, businesses and the environment around the Bay.

This is part of a broader effort. Our Bay on the Brink is a public information project "to educate people in the Bay Area region about challenges facing the San Francisco Bay, opportunities to improve the health of the Bay for future generations, and the vital importance of the Bay to our economy and quality of life."

The video is currently appearing on social media with associated interviews on radio. Listen to John Bourgeois and Jeremy Lowe on Voice of America and watch the video below.



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