Oct 1, 2015

New Project Tracker online forms enhance EcoAtlas' regional capacity for habitat restoration project tracking, assessment and reporting. Partners can now upload and edit project information and approve projects for display on EcoAtlas. Project Tracker meets the important need of providing tools for partners to manage their projects and display information on EcoAtlas, a tool for visualizing the condition and extent of California's aquatic resources.

The key benefits of Project Tracker include:

  • Enables users to upload and edit project information through easy-to-use online data entry forms.
  • Provides a framework for interagency and interorganizational collaboration based on common tracking methods and information.
  • Enables improved analyses of changes in habitat extent, landscape-scale conservation planning, evaluation of progress towards meeting conservation objectives, and partnership building.
  • Provides tools needed to track and analyze landscape change, and improves ability to strategically conserve important habitats in the future.

As more projects are added, EcoAtlas’ reporting tools will be able to assist with landscape-scale conservation planning efforts, prioritizing of restoration areas, leveraging of restoration resources, tracking of progress towards meeting conservation objectives, and reporting on restoration funding.  

For more information, view the Project Tracker factsheet and visit ptrack.ecoatlas.org.

Cristina Grosso
Programs and Focus Areas: 
Environmental Informatics Program
Wetland Monitoring & Assessment