Sep 15, 2015

San Francisco Chronicle writer John King wrote a part-story / part-commentary that challenges local leaders to address sea-level-rise issues. The article highlights SFEI's concept of the need for a 100-year vision for the SF Bay region and Estuary. The need to act is upon us, and we must act regionally, argues Chabot:


“We need our leaders today to think about the Bay Area 100 years from now,” said Warner Chabot, executive director of the San Francisco Estuary Institute, a scientific research organization. “Finding creative solutions to the long-term challenge of rising sea levels is the fundamental challenge of elected officials in our region for the next decade.”

Chabot at the Estuary Institute is optimistic that the urgency will come.  “There’s no reason the Bay Area should not be a model, for the nation if not for the world,” Chabot said. “One can only hope that we have elected officials who want to be visionary civic leaders, not just good day-to-day leaders.”

John King
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