Upload and access data from vegetation surveys of intertidal-upland ecotones

This web site is designed to allow entry of data from vegetation surveys of intertidal-upland ecotones. The site supportsĀ Data Collection Protocol: Plant Community Structure of Intertidal-Upland Ecotone. A database containing all survey results allows users to download data for individual or multiple assessments.

About the protocol

This data collection tool focuses on plant surveys to assess the effectiveness of vegetation management in the upland ecotone, particularly as part of restoration efforts. The results of the plant surveys yield information about the abundance of native and non-native species, planted species for various management and restoration practices.

Results and Uses

  • Measure the success of different plant species at different positions within the ecotone under different management regimes in order to inform restoration design.
  • Survey the ambient condition of the ecotone.
  • Compare results of local vegetation management to ambient conditions.
  • Assess the effects of the restoration efforts and to compare projects to each other and over time.
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Environmental Informatics Program
Wetland Monitoring & Assessment
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San Francisco Bay Region