The California Wetlands Portal, one of the State of California’s My Water Quality portals, is the common data management system for the State’s primary wetland protection policies and programs, including the 401 Certification and WDR Programs, the proposed Wetland and Riparian Protection Policy, and the State’s No-Net-Loss Policy. The Wetlands Portal provides information on the location and condition of wetlands around the state; public access to the location, size, sponsors, habitats, contact persons, and status of wetland restoration, mitigation, creation, and enhancement projects; and wetland projects with 401/WDR permits.

Wetlands information can be viewed on an interactive map. Modern wetland habitat is displayed using the best information available for each region. A unique feature is the individual project libraries, where wetland project files, such as reports, data, photos, videos, or maps can be collected and accessed online. Anyone can submit files with their browser and make them available for others to download. The San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board has integrated the Wetlands Portal into its regulatory process, and completion of the Wetland Data form is now a permit condition.

Programs and Focus Areas: 
Environmental Informatics Program
Resilient Landscapes Program
Wetland Monitoring & Assessment
Location Information