Jul 10, 2014

EcoAtlas, SFEI's flagship product launched last summer, was just awarded three Wetland Program Development grants by the USEPA for further enhancement and support. In partnership with the Delta Conservancy, State Water Board, and Regional Water Boards, SFEI staff will (1) add new quantitative field data layers, and enhance the tool’s visualization and dynamic project reporting; (2) develop training materials and cost estimates for regional stewardship of EcoAtlas; and (3) create a business plan to sustain EcoAtlas as an interagency tool into the future. In addition to enhancing the functionality in EcoAtlas, this funding will contribute to wetland protection in California by supporting common tools and shared information.

As a complement to these new projects, the Delta Conservancy, in partnership with SFEI, was recently awarded a NEIN grant by USEPA to expand data collection, data standards, and processing services in the Delta region for the benefit of scientists, environmental program staff, managers, the public and other stakeholders.

Programs and Focus Areas: 
Environmental Informatics Program