Sep 30, 2012

Press for the Delta Historical Ecology Study

For more information see the Delta Historical Ecology project web page

"Restoring the San Joaquin River and Recalling Its History"
Posting on PBS' Newshour blog "The Rundown"
Jul 12, 2013

Announcing the release of the Delta Historical Ecology report
Press Release - California Department of Fish and Game
Sept 13, 2012

NPR Story on Delta Historical Ecology featured nationally on Weekend Edition
Oct 7, 2012

Knowing the Delta’s past offers new ideas forward
by Alison Whipple - California Water Blog - UC Davis
Sept 26, 2012

New Study Examines How Delta Ecosystem Once Worked
Valley Public Radio
Sept 14, 2012

New Study Reconstructs the Historical Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Bill Lane Center for the American West - Stanford University
Sept 13, 2012

Visualizing California's changing delta with Stanford and KQED
by Max McClure - Stanford University News
June 12, 2012

California's Deadlocked Delta: Can We Bring Back What We've Lost?
by Lauren Sommer - KQED Quest

May 11, 2012

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Resilient Landscapes Program