Dec 12, 2014

CD3 or Contaminant Data Display and Download is a web-based visualization tool for accessing water quality data for the San Francisco Bay-Delta region, including the RMP’s long-term dataset. The tool has been redesigned to leverage SFEI’s other interactive mapping efforts and debuts impressive new functionality, including enhanced spatial querying and generating dynamic statistical summaries and charts.

Other key benefits of the redesigned tool include:

  • aggregate data from different projects and sampling events, or access all data collected across multiple years for a program;
  • query by county, Water Board, hydrologic region, or draw a boundary for your area of interest;
  • generate surface model maps for RMP data;
  • choose among several chart types for data analysis (e.g., mean and error; box and whiskers, histogram);
  • download data as a tabular or spatial dataset; and
  • customize and download charts.

The tool is updated regularly with new datasets and has the flexibility to display all public data stored in SFEI’s Regional Data Center database. Visit

Programs and Focus Areas: 
Bay Regional Monitoring Program
Clean Water Program
Environmental Informatics Program