Oct 1, 2018

This collaborative project was funded by the USEPA to enhance the functionality of EcoAtlas Project Tracker to collect information on the expected goals of a project, and report performance measures in a consistent way across programs and agencies. Standardized data collection forms and reporting summaries are available to effectively serve the needs of agencies and organizations and to foster more transparent, comprehensive, and timely reporting of project performance.

The benefits of advanced performance measure reporting include:

  • New capabilities to report performance measures for wetland restoration projects associated with various programs in California;
  • Flexibility to easily accommodate performance measures from other regional plans and programs;
  • Ability to report outcomes and outputs in a consistent way across programs and agencies;
  • Improved data access and availability by exchanging and synchronizing wetland restoration project data;
  • Improved integration of EcoAtlas and other systems that reduces duplicative project accounting; and
  • Better coordination to increase the cumulative benefits of restoration and protection efforts in the context of land use and climate change.

Led by the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta Conservancy, this project developed new tracking and reporting capabilities in EcoAtlas that reflect the needs of partners, including the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Department of Water Resources (EcoRestore), San Francisco Bay and Central Valley Joint Ventures, State Water Resources Control Board, and Wildlife Conservation Board.

Programs and Focus Areas: 
Environmental Informatics Program
Resilient Landscapes Program
Wetland Monitoring & Assessment