Oct 21, 2015

On KQED Forum, Michael Krasny interviewed SFEI's Letitia Grenier and the State Coastal Conservancy's Sam Schuchat about the release of the new Science Update Report and its findings regarding the urgency to restore wetlands in advance of accelerating sea-level rise.

As offered on KQED's website, "the new report reveals that 42,000 acres of wetlands in the Bay Area must be restored over the next 15 years to mitigate the effects of climate change. Rising sea levels, swelling tides and strong storms threaten billions of dollars worth of businesses, homes and infrastructure." The Baylands and Climate Change: What We Can Do, from over 100 scientists and 17 governmental agencies, urges action to restore wetlands as a key component to protect cities and critical infrastructure from imminent threats.

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