Jun 29, 2018

SFEI secured a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to partially fund SFEI’s installation of a set of three Solar Powered Electric Car Charging stations at the front of our offices.  Together, these stations can charge up to three cars at a time, with each charger capable of delivering power at a rate of 6.6kW. They will serve staff and future visitors to SFEI, with paid public access outside of office hours to be implemented soon.

Coupled with this convenience is now a new rooftop solar array, helping to power not only our EV chargers, but also the servers in our local data center, and other equipment within our building.  SunWork and their volunteers helped SFEI to install these panels.
By powering cars using the sun, SFEI hopes to promote sustainability, consistent with our organizational values in science, resilience, and innovation.

Programs and Focus Areas: 
Watershed Monitoring and Modeling