Mar 7, 2016

SFEI Senior Scientist Jeremy Lowe will be honored with the Bay Hero Award from the Bay Institute, at their annual award ceremony March 10, 2016. The award, with co-winners Peter Baye and Michael Connor, was given for the team's innovative work on integrating treated wastewater discharge, flood risk management, climate change adaptation, and Bay wetlands restoration with the Oro Loma Sanitary District. Congratulations to Jeremy, Peter, and Mike!

On a related note, an exciting step took place in the Oro Loma project on Saturday January 23 when SFEI volunteers worked on the experimental horizontal levee. Under the expert direction of Save the Bay restoration specialists, 18 SFEI staff and family members planted a variety of native species following a prescribed plan. SFEI have studied the wider implications of such designs to the resiliency of the Bay and this was a great opportunity to be part of the implementation of those ideas.

Robin Grossinger
Associated Staff: