Mar 2, 2016

Letitia Grenier continues to work with partners around the region to get the word out about the new ideas in the Baylands Goals Science Update 2015. Getting the public and the sea level rise adaptation community on board with the many benefits of restoring and maintaining the Baylands is a priority in the wake of the release of the Baylands Goals Science Update in late 2015. With the Restoration Authority ballot initiative to be presented to voters this summer, there is great demand to hear about the value of tidal wetlands and importance of a healthy shore. Letitia and the other authors of the report are continuing to present to audiences of scientists, planners, and the public at large. Since the turn of the year, the report's ideas about working with nature to restore and maintain tidal wetlands that protect our developed shorelines, support thriving native wildlife, purify the water, and provide places for people to recreate have been well received by audiences at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, SPUR, the Saint Francis Yacht Club, and the North Bay Watershed Association.

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