Jan 19, 2021

SFEI is excited to announce that veteran RMP contributor Dr. Kelly Moran has recently joined the SFEI Clean Water team as a Senior Scientist, dramatically strengthening our capacity to provide management-relevant science on emerging contaminants and microplastics. Prior to joining SFEI staff, Dr. Moran served as an expert advisor on the Emerging Contaminants Workgroup as well as the RMP Sources, Pathways and Loadings Workgroup. 

"Dr. Kelly Moran is a national superstar among scientific experts on water pollution. Her expertise on consumer product issues is encyclopedic and her national reputation is stellar. We are thrilled to have her join our team," said Warner Chabot, Executive Director of the San Francisco Estuary Institute.

Dr. Moran spent the last three decades developing an impressive body of work at the interface of science and public policy, with a focus on water quality. The main theme of her career – water pollution from consumer products – came out of her interest in addressing aquatic toxicity. As a chemist with more than 25 years of experience as an environmental professional, Dr. Moran was one of the first to recognize the tremendous potential for true source control as a cost-effective solution to wastewater and stormwater pollution. This led her to co-found both of California’s major stormwater source control projects: the Brake Pad Partnership and the Urban Pesticides Pollution Prevention Project (UP3 Project).

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Bay Regional Monitoring Program
Contaminants of Emerging Concern
Sources, Pathways, & Loadings