Sep 6, 2016

The California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN) has implemented several new developments and decisions over the last six months that have the potential to impact SFEI's Regional Data Center (RDC) data providers.

  • CEDEN has begun the process of exchanging data with EPA's Water Quality Exchange (WQX) network to make data available on the National Water Quality Portal. Not all of the data in CEDEN's database has been submitted to WQX at this time as CEDEN is continuing to work on the date exchange process. Please note that at this time, all data that CEDEN has exchanged with WQX is currently associated with the CEDEN project.
  • CEDEN will display data for non-surface water samples such as those collected from storm drains, pump stations, impervious surface runoff, and influent and effluent samples. Contact SFEI ([email protected]) for help formatting these sample types.
  • CEDEN has compiled guidance documentation and templates for Prop 84 grantees. Please contact [email protected] for more information.
  • Data providers should be aware that CEDEN is implementing the policy that for data to be used in the Integrated Report as part of the 303(d)/305(b) assessment process, a QAPP must be on file with the Water Board.  QAPPs can be emailed to [email protected]. Be sure to reference the CEDEN project code(s) that the QAPP covers. Contact [email protected] for help submitting your QAPP to the Water Board.
  • The next Integrated Report will cover Regions 2, 4, and 8.
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