John Fields, a USBR member of the Data Collection and Reporting Team, has been designated as the Project QA/QC Oversight Manager. The QA/QC Oversight Manager will serve as a coordinating manager to verify, validate, coordinate and update the QA/QC practices associated with the GBP. Preparation and modification of the GBP QAPP falls within the responsibility of this position.

In addition to the QA/QC Oversight Manager, a Quality Assurance Officer (QAO) has been identified for each agency/group for the purpose of maintaining and ensuring implementation of the protocol outlined in the GBP QAPP.

Jeanne Chilcott CVRWQCB

John Henderson USFWS

Mary Dunne CDFG

Victor Stokmanis USBR

Neil Dubrovsky USGS

Ron Block SLD-MWA