The GBP OC is comprised of senior level representatives from USBR, USFWS, CDFG, CVRWQCB, and the USEPA. The role of the OC is to evaluate all operations of the GBP, including monitoring data, compliance with selenium load reduction goals, and other relevant information. It will make recommendations to the draining parties, USBR, and/or the CVRWQCB, as appropriate, regarding all aspects of the GBP, including modifications to the project operation, appropriate mitigative actions should significant impacts be found to occur, extension of the use agreement after two years, and termination of the agreement if necessary. It will also carry out functions required of it under the UA which include determining the occurrence and extent of load exceedances, the Drainage Incentive Fees that are payable, and actions or programs to be funded with the incentive fees.

The GBP OC will meet quarterly, or as needed, to review the status, progress, and monitoring results of the project. It will consider the report(s) of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and any subcommittees (discussed below), including any recommendations. The OC will also consider input and recommendations from the SLD-MWA, and other key stakeholders.