January 31, 2020 - 12:00am

In 2019 the Bay RMP hosted its second Data Exploration Challenge, a contest encouraging high school and university students to explore data available in SFEI's publicly available database, CD3. This was the second iteration of the contest, initially started in fall 2018. 

Participants were asked to imagine themselves as a public health official in the Bay Area that is launching a public outreach effort to tell people where and which fish caught from San Francisco Bay are less safe to eat, and identify possible ways to reduce fish contamination in the future.

Questions included:

  • Which fish species are of greatest or least concern to eat?
  • Where are fish caught from SF Bay most and least contaminated? 
  • Is there a relationship/correlation between fish tissue PCB or mercury concentration and concentrations of other chemicals in fish tissue?



The contest received six submissions (from 12 participants), and after consideration by the Bay RMP Technical Review Committee, three were awarded cash prizes. These went to a high school student, a team of undergraduates, and a PhD candidate. The winning submissions (below) contained data visualizations with unique graphics and careful consideration of the intended audience.


1st Place (High School): Michelle Chen - Summit Public Schools 1st Place (University): Haonan Wang, Morgan DeAngelis, Alli Hauger, and Adrienne Lowe -       University of California, Davis 2nd Place (University): Darrien Satterfield - University of California, Davis


Programs and Focus Areas: 
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