Allen, R. M.; Lacy, J. R.; McGill, S. C.; Ferreira, J. C. T. 2021. Hydrodynamic, sediment transport, and sediment flocculation data from south San Francisco Bay, California, summer 2020. United Sates Geological Survey.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center collected hydrodynamic and suspended sediment flocculation data at channel and shallow water sites in south San Francisco Bay in July 2020. The data were used to determine water column stratification, turbulence profiles, and floc size evolution. The goal of this project was to bound the controls on floc size and floc settling velocity to improve estimates of sediment fluxes and consider error in numerical models of sediment transport in San Francisco Bay. This data release includes hydrodynamic, sediment concentration, and particle size timeseries during July 2020, as well as sediment bed properties, water column particle size distributions, and CTD profiles collected on four days in July 2020 at both sites. Details on station location, instrumentation, and measured variables are included on pages for each data type. These data were collected as part of a collaborative project with the USGS California Water Science Center. Funding was provided by the San Francisco Estuary Institute.