October 5, 2010 - 12:00am

The RMP Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at the Oakland Museum. The meeting focused on linking the watersheds and San Francisco Bay, and featured keynote presentations from stormwater programs around the country as well as updates on research and management of stormwater in the Bay Area. Tom Schueler, from the Chesapeake Stormwater Network, and John Sansalone, from the University of Florida, described stormwater monitoring programs in their respective regions, and illustrated some of the common and unique aspects of runoff in different urban areas. Following a line-up of local managers and researchers, the meeting concluded with an update on sediment science and management - a follow up to the 2009 meeting on Bay sediment - and two updates on contaminants of emerging concern. About 160 people attended the meeting, and feedback on the meeting and the Pulse of the Estuary was very positive.


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The winner of the 4 tickets to the CA Academy of Sciences is Athena Honore from the San Francisco Estuary Partnership!















  • Tom Schueler (Chesapeake Stormwater Network) -
    Emerging Stormwater Pollutant Reduction Strategies from Another Urban Watershed:
    Importing Some Ideas from the Chesapeake Bay

    (Presentation PDF)
  • John Sansalone (University of Florida) - Myths, Models, and Monitoring for Rainfall-Runoff Controls (Presentation PDF)
  • Robin Grossinger (SFEI) - Linkages Between Watersheds and the Bay: Past, Present, and Future (Presentation PDF)
  • Tom Mumley (San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board) - The Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (Presentation PDF)
  • Laura Prickett (EOA) - Low Impact Development: Implementation Examples and New Directions (Presentation PDF)
  • Ken Schiff (SCCWRP) - Lessons from Watershed Monitoring in Southern California (Presentation PDF)
  • Chris Sommers (EOA) - The RMP Small Tributary Loading Strategy (Presentation PDF)
  • Lester McKee (SFEI) - Recent Advances in Bay Area Stormwater Science (Presentation PDF)
  • Karen Taberski (San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board) - SWAMP: Monitoring the Health of Our Watersheds (Presentation PDF)
  • Panel Discussion: Dave Schoellhamer (USGS), Brenda Goeden (BCDC), and Tom Mumley (San
    Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board) - Update on Sediment Science and Management
  • Meg Sedlak (SFEI) - PFCs in San Francisco Bay
  • Susan Klosterhaus (SFEI) - Update on Contaminants of Emerging Concern (Presentation PDF)
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