Job Title: 
Retired - Chair, San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board

Jim has previously served on the SFEI-ASC Board.  He was a member of the S.F. Bay Regional Water Board for 15 years (7 vice-chair and 3 as chair).  He also served as a BCDC Commissioner for 11 years and 3 as an alternate member.   From 1971-75 he was employed by the US Environmental Protection Agency, focusing on water quality planning, and construction grants for public wastewater treatment plants.  Between April 1976 and 1990, he worked for the Coastal Commission in their San Francisco office where over time he ran various programs including permit appeals and the Federal consistency review process.  Much of that work involved wetland protection and restoration, and technical aspects of shoreline erosion.  He was the environmental Manager at the Port of Oakland from February 1990 until I retired in June 2005, where he oversaw a broad range of activities including environmental review CEQA and NEPA.