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SFEI chooses to contribute to a more equitable and just future by facing challenges head-on and taking actions to reverse historical and structural wrongs, both within the organization and through the work that we do. In recent years, SFEI has taken steps toward diversifying our staff and further expanding our partnerships with diverse clients, stakeholders, and communities of the Bay Area and beyond. The following statement on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice guides our recent work.

Background and Motivation

SFEI acknowledges that there are systemic barriers to entry into and retention within STEM fields and the nonprofit sector. We recognize that diversity is a strength and leads to greater innovation in the workplace. We also recognize that an inclusive workplace is a workplace where all people feel safe (physically, psychologically and emotionally), respected, and valued.

We also acknowledge that certain communities have been historically excluded from making land use decisions that directly impact them, often in disproportionately negative ways. There are systems of oppression (past and present) that have made certain groups disproportionately vulnerable to air pollution, toxics, sea level rise, and heat stress, among other issues. 

DEIJ Vision Statement (what we want to become)

SFEI is widely recognized by communities, especially those that are historically underserved, as an organization that advances diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) both internally (among its staff and Board) and externally (with its partners, clients, and work products).

DEIJ Mission statement (how we will achieve the Vision)

SFEI is taking immediate actions to more deeply integrate DEIJ principles into our internal policies and culture, as well as to build and implement a long-term strategy for forging authentic partnerships with diverse organizations and communities, with a particular focus on historically underserved communities.

Desired Outcomes (what we hope to achieve)

  • We foster an inclusive workplace. 
  • We pursue SFEI’s overall mission in a way that supports diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.
  • We work with partners, communities, advisors, organizations, and agencies that are representative of the diversity (race and other dimensions) of our state.
  • Board and staff members reflect the diversity of the state.
  • Board and staff members have the knowledge, background, and skills to support SFEI’s DEIJ vision and mission.

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