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SFEI is committed to building a more equitable and just future for all. We do this intentionally by facing challenges head-on and taking actions to reverse historical and structural wrongs both within our organization and through the work that we do in the world. In recent years, SFEI has taken steps toward diversifying our staff and further expanding our partnerships with diverse clients, stakeholders, Tribes, and communities of the Bay Area and beyond. We are working to continue shifting the culture of the organization to be welcoming and inclusive of many different identities. The following statement on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice guides our recent work.

Background and Motivation

SFEI acknowledges the many systemic barriers to entry and retention within the STEM field and the nonprofit sector. We believe that diversity of identity, experience, and thought are among the greatest drivers of innovation in the workplace. We also recognize that an inclusive workplace is one that works to ensure all people feel safe (physically, psychologically, and emotionally), respected, and valued.

Systems of oppression (both past and present) have made certain groups disproportionately vulnerable to air pollution, toxic contaminants, flooding, and heat stress, among other issues.

We also acknowledge that certain communities and Tribes have been historically excluded from decision-making processes that directly impact them, for example around land use. The impact of this exclusion often lands on these groups in harmful and damaging ways.

DEIJ Vision

SFEI believes in and works to support the self-determination of impacted communities and Tribes, and the right of everyone to share equally in the benefits of a healthy environment and access to nature.

DEIJ Mission

SFEI has begun a strategic and long-term journey towards improving the health of the waters, wetlands, wildlife, and landscapes in partnership and authentic collaboration with the many diverse peoples and organizations that make up our community(ies) and Tribes.

We understand that our vision will only be achieved if all voices, particularly the most marginalized (and/or impacted), are included in decision-making around our collective future. To ensure this, we are working to deeply integrate DEIJ principles and practices into the fabric of our organization.

What We are Working Towards

  • SFEI fosters an inclusive workplace, where differences of identity, experience, background and thought are valued. 
  • We pursue SFEI’s organizational mission through the lens of our DEIJ Vision and Mission. 
  • We work with partners, communities, Tribes, advisors, organizations, and agencies that are representative of the diversity (race and other dimensions) of our state.
  • Board and staff members reflect the diversity of our state.
  • Board and staff members are encouraged and supported to continually expand their knowledge, background, and skills to advance SFEI’s DEIJ vision and mission.


We would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank Oceankind and Resources Legacy Fund for their critical support in our DEIJ work.

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