Operations forms the backbone of the organization. The main purpose of the program is to provide a rewarding professional experience for all staff members, to help technical and scientific staff maximize their effectiveness, and to enable our collaborators and partners to join us in achieving common goals.

The Operations team supports an internal system of performance measurement and management, while helping to foster a collegial culture of accountability. We also ensure that appropriate resources are in place and applied for the most efficient and effective delivery of the Institute’s scientific and technical products and services.

In short, the Operations team helps to make the Institute a great place to work with a solid financial, administrative, and professional foundation.

Our activities can be grouped into four major categories:

  • Professional Development and Management (i.e., Human Resources)
  • Administration, Office and Infrastructure Management
  • Business Development and Finances, Contracts Management, Stakeholder Relations and Partnership-Building
  • External and Internal Communications (strategy, branding, marketing, planning, public relations, fundraising, outreach)