October 6, 2020

This 27th Annual Meeting will break new ground as the first entirely virtual meeting in the Program’s history. We have an excellent lineup of speakers from all over the US, including RMP Science Advisors, new RMP staff, and other invited experts. We will hear about and discuss lessons from monitoring Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound, monitoring coronavirus and disinfectant chemicals in wastewater, managing sediment quality and supply, and monitoring CECs in stormwater and PFAS in the Bay, among other topics. Our usual limit on the number of attendees does not apply this year, so please share this invitation with your students and colleagues, register, and join us for the online meeting.

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9:00 - Welcome and introduction; Tom Mumley, San Francisco Bay Water Board, RMP Steering Committee Chair

Session 1: Wastewater

9:10 - Nutrient Management in Chesapeake Bay; Peter Tango, US Geological Survey, Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS) Science Advisor 

9:30 - Monitoring Coronavirus in Wastewater; Ali Boehm, Stanford University

9:50 - Quaternary Ammonium Disinfectant Chemicals in Wastewater and the Bay; Miguel Mendez, San Francisco Estuary Institute

10:10 - Discussion - Moderated by Eileen White, East Bay Municipal Utility District, NMS Steering Committee

Session 2: Sediment

10:40 - Sediment Quality Monitoring in Puget Sound; Maggie Dutch, Washington State Department of Ecology, RMP Science Advisor

11:00 - Sediment Supply and Coastal Resilience; Pat Wiberg, University of Virginia, RMP Science Advisor

11:20 - Managing Sediment in San Francisco Bay; Xavier Fernandez, San Francisco Bay Water Board

11:40 - Discussion: Moderated by John Coleman, Bay Planning Coalition, RMP Steering Committee

Session 3: Contaminants of Emerging Concern

1:00 - Identifying CECs through Non-targeted Analysis; Lee Ferguson, Duke University, RMP Science Advisor

1:20 - Predictive Toxicology to Prioritize CECs for Monitoring and Management; Dan Villenueve, USEPA, RMP Science Advisor

1:40 - PFAS in San Francisco Bay; Ezra Miller, San Francisco Estuary Institute

2:00 - Discussion: Moderated by Luisa Valiela, USEPA, RMP Technical Review Committee

Session 4: Stormwater

2:30 - CECs in Stormwater; Ed Kolodziej, University of Washington

2:50 - Green Stormwater Infrastructure in the Bay Area; Josh Bradt, San Francisco Estuary Partnership

3:10 - Watershed Modeling to Estimate Contaminant Loads from Stormwater; Tan Zi, San Francisco Estuary Institute

3:30 - Discussion: Moderated by Richard Looker, San Francisco Bay Water Board, RMP Technical Review Committee

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