The East Contra Costa Shoreline (ECC) Flood Explorer was developed by the technical team at SFEI for The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) and the Adapting to Rising Tides (ART) team under the guidance of the Delta Stewardship Council. The ECC Flood Explorer extends the functionality of the Bay Shoreline Flood Explorer, which maps the San Francisco Bay, to East Contra Costa. The tool takes into account data specific to the area, namely storm event flooding modeled from the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. By visualizing sea-level rise projections in conjunction with storm data, the ECC Flood Explorer provides a window into potential flood impacts to East Contra Costa County Communities.

The ECC Flood Explorer consists of a map which provides a regional-scale visualization of potential inundation and flooding in the area.  The interface allows the user to select between several scenarios with the option of including or omitting 100-year storm event data. The ECC Flood Explorer displays high-quality spatial information on a flexible platform and provides a resource to support adaptation planning in the region. 

The East Contra Costa Shoreline Flood Explorer was launched in the winter of 2019.


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