The Santa Rosa Plain WRAMP project focused on developing a landscape level, base line assessment of the aquatic resources in the study area by addressing the following question: what are the abundance, diversity, and ecological conditions of wetlands, streams, and their riparian areas within the Santa Rosa Plain?  The project developed a detailed base map of the aquatic features within the study area using BAARI's standardized mapping protocols, and drafted new mapping protocols for local aquatic features not previously mapped in BAARI.  The mapping methods are documented in the North Coast Aquatic Resources Inventory Mapping Standards and Methodologies (or NCARI Mapping Standards). The aquatic resources maping effort was completed in 2012 and the GIS dataset was incorporated into EcoAtlas.

View NCARI online at EcoAtlas.


2011 to 2014
Programs and Focus Areas: 
Environmental Informatics Program
Geographic Information Systems
Resilient Landscapes Program
Wetland Monitoring & Assessment
Location Information