Jun 29, 2018

SFEI has completed development of Phase II of our GreenPlan-IT application -- a toolset to empower municipalities to plan, assess, track, and report their green infrastructure investments. This helps restore the water cycle and improve filtration of water quality contaminants. In the latest round of implementation work, we collaborated with the cities of Richmond, Oakland, Sunnyvale, and the county of Contra Costa to meet their green infrastructure planning and reporting needs, while also providing needed enhancements to the toolset in response to user feedback.

This round of development and implementation witnessed the enhancement of the Site Locator Tool, the Modeler, and Optimizer to integrate new Green Infrastructure types. The Site Locator Tool also provides new forms of information to municipal users so that they can better illustrate the basis for their Green Infrastructure priorities. Meanwhile, the new GreenPlan-IT Tracker helps to account for existing Green Infrastructure investment and aid cities in reporting the current status of their projects to the Regional Water Board.

Programs and Focus Areas: 
Watershed Monitoring and Modeling