The GBP OC will designate a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which will serve as staff to the OC. The TAC will consist of a representative from each of the agencies of the OC; i.e., CVRWQCB, CDFG, USBR, USFWS, and USEPA, plus a member from USGS to serve as an independent technical advisor. The TAC will be responsible for obtaining and providing the necessary information, options, and recommendations to the OC for all issues and decisions regarding the project. This will include producing, or overseeing the production of, any analytical and interpretive reports, and obtaining appropriate peer or scientific review as necessary. The TAC will also be responsible for coordinating, evaluating, and recommending associated research/investigation needs as the project proceeds. The TAC will work closely with the Data Collection and Reporting Team, described below, and, with approval of the Oversight Committee, may designate and utilize additional subcommittees or task groups as needed to accomplish specific tasks or responsibilities.