Nov 30, 2015

SFEI recently released a resilient landscape vision for lower Novato Creek that incorporates habitat restoration actions into flood risk management. The vision, developed in coordination with a team of regional science experts, highlights opportunities for restoring and sustaining vital tidal wetland habitats around lower Novato Creek while supporting a high level of flood protection under rising San Francisco Bay water levels. It provides Marin County Flood Control & Conservation District and other local partners with several “nature-based” adaption options that can benefit both habitat and people. A similar vision development effort is currently underway for lower Walnut Creek and will be completed in Spring 2016. This work is part of the EPA-funded Flood Control 2.0 project, whose goal is integrating habitat enhancement into flood risk management along the Bay shoreline for the 21st century and beyond. For more information, please contact Scott Dusterhoff.

Scott Dusterhoff
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Resilient Landscapes Program