Regional Monitoring Program

The Regional Monitoring Program (RMP) is SFEI’s largest program and monitors contamination in the Estuary. It provides water quality regulators with information they need to manage the Estuary effectively. The RMP is an innovative collaborative effort between SFEI, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and the regulated discharger community. more >

Program Manager: Meg Sedlak   Lead Scientist: Jay Davis

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RMP Scientist Meg Sedlak is interviewed for a San Francisco Chronicle article about PFOS, the primary ingredient in Scotchgard, which is found in high concentrations in San Francisco Bay seals.


The Regional Monitoring Program for Water Quality in the San Francisco Bay (RMP) recently published a report that summarizes a series of monitoring and research projects that have investigated the impacts of PBDEs in San Francisco Bay.


An article coauthored by SFEI staff on PCB concentrations used in caulking was recently published in Environment International.


RMP monitoring of mercury in small fish in the Bay has resulted in several journal publications, the latest just appearing in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.


The first ever compilation of research focused on sediment transport in the San Francisco Bay coastal system was published in November as a special issue of the journal Marine Geology