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Selena Pang

Environmental Scientist
Resilient Landscapes Program
Delta Science & Management
Urban Nature Lab

Selena is an Environmental Scientist with SFEI's Resilient Landscapes team. She believes science, planning, and local expertise are essential tools for creating sustainable relationships between people and nature. Selena's work at SFEI is informed by her educational background in science, plus over a decade of experience in urban and environmental planning, community engagement, and environmental health and remediation. She has particular experience communicating with diverse audiences and managing complex, long-lived projects with multiple stakeholder groups, objectives, and consultant teams. Selena holds an undergraduate degree in Geology from Carleton College, and a Master of Environmental Science from Yale University where she studied relationships between rain garden design and performance in a coastal urban area.

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Suisun Landscapes (Project)

As the largest brackish marsh on the West Coast, Suisun Marsh is a unique transitional landscape between the Bay and the Delta portions of the Estuary. The Marsh has long been managed for recreational hunting and native biodiversity, yet it is threatened by an uncertain future under climate change. Sea level rise and increasing salinity pose significant threats to the current structure and uses of the Marsh. Likely impacts include conversion of wetlands to open water, changes in species composition, increased flood risk, and drainage challenges in managed wetlands.