The Sonoma Creek Baylands Strategy is a comprehensive high-level plan for landscape-scale restoration, flood protection, and public access in the tidal Lower Sonoma Creek portion of the San Pablo Baylands. 

The Strategy:

  • coordinates the protection, acquisition, restoration, and enhancement of diverse baylands habitats;
  • integrates natural processes to increase climate resilience;
  • identifies opportunities for public access; and,
  • provides recommendations for SR 37 and the SMART rail line.

SFEI worked with Sonoma Land Trust (SLT) and other project partners to analyze existing site conditions, develop restoration alternatives, evaluate geomorphic and habitat evolution, and assess the feasibility and cost of alternatives. A key innovation of this study was the proposal to route tidal flows through restored diked baylands rather than through the channels between them; this allows protection of the high-value fringing marsh in the existing channels. The study’s development was peer-reviewed by a Science Advisory Panel.

In the development of this project, Sonoma Land Trust met with many of the public and private property owners in the study area. Sonoma Land Trust’s ability to implement the restoration vision articulated in this report will be contingent upon the willingness of landowners to work with them.

Click here to download the Sonoma Creek Baylands Strategy report.

More information about this effort is available from Sonoma Land Trust and the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority.


Project partners:




2018 to 2020
Programs and Focus Areas: 
Resilient Landscapes Program
Shoreline Resilience
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