The Mission Bay Historical Ecology Reconnaissance Study, completed in February of 2016, collected and organized data on the historical conditions of Mission Bay in San Diego County. The project was carried out in support of San Diego Audubon Society's ReWild Mission Bay project, a three-year planning effort exploring options to restoring wetlands in the northeast corner of the estuary. The reconnaissance study ultiamtely assembled hundreds of historical maps, photographs, and texts from dozens of archives; compiled a few key preliminary findings concerning historical conditions; and identified a series of possible future research directions. Despite it's focus on data collection, the reconnaissance study has provided support for natural resource management efforts and served as an educational resource for the public. It has also laid the foundation for a more in-depth study of historical conditions in Mission Bay that could be used to inform future restoration efforts and management decisions.

2015 to 2016
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Resilient Landscapes Program
Historical Ecology
Shoreline Resilience
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