The Sunnyvale Shoreline Resilience Vision is an ongoing collaborative effort between a group of organizations deeply invested in long term regional resilience and interested in coordinating across their individual planning efforts. Members of the group are landowners and land managers along the San Francisco Bay shoreline from Stevens Creek to San Tomas Aquino Creek, the “Sunnyvale Shoreline.” The group is focused on adaptation efforts to address climate change risks including sea-level rise, extreme precipitation, and extreme heat. A coordinated regional adaptation and resilience effort extending across ownership and jurisdictional boundaries is likely to be more efficient and effective than a combination of piecemeal strategies. Topics explored include streamlining and improving the aging stormwater management system, enhancing ecological function and biodiversity in both the urban area and the baylands, and developing a subregional shoreline adaptation approach to rising water levels. SFEI staff serve as facilitators and science advisors for the effort.

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