The objective of this project is to summarize existing research and knowledge around suitable rearing habitat for Chinook salmon in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta; identify areas of suitability for rearing salmon using a combined suitability analysis of four mapped habitat parameters; and to provide recommendations for types of restoration needed to improve or restore rearing habitat, as well as to identify where in the Delta these restoration efforts could be prioritized.

We reviewed the scientific literature and studies from the Delta and other similar estuarine systems, collected input from our technical advisor committee, and facilitated a workshop in May of 2019 to get feedback on suitability mapping and identify additional site-specific knowledge about habitat suitability in the Delta. We created a combined habitat suitability map which weights existing rearing habitat in the Delta based on four mapped parameters: water depth, water temperature, wetland proximity, and weighted wetland edge.

The results from this report can be used to inform restoration decisions in the Delta and also provides a first step towards more accurately identifying suitable habitat for Chinook salmon and other species at the landscape scale using spatial data. Spatial analyses developed for this report are available here.


Bruce DiGennaro
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Resilient Landscapes Program
Delta Science & Management
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The Legal Delta