The Resilience Atlas is a compilation of cutting-edge science, creative visions and relevant spatial data to support planners, designers, policy-makers, and residents in the creation of the healthy cities, shorelines and surrounding landscapes of the future. The main goal of the Resilience Atlas is to make the science of resilience more accessible to help communities successfully adapt and thrive in the face of climate change and other challenges. These resources emphasize understanding past and present conditions to explore future potential, in order to take advantage of opportunities to design with nature to support healthy ecosystems for people and wildlife. This Version 1.0 focuses on supporting adaptation along the Bay shore.

The Resilience Atlas was created with funding from the Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) program, managed by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership (SFEP). For more information please contact Katie McKnight

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Environmental Informatics Program
Software Engineering
Design and Communications
Resilient Landscapes Program
Shoreline Resilience
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