Bay Area Aquatic Resources Inventory (BAARI) is a detailed base map of the Bay Area's aquatic features that includes wetlands, open water, streams, ditches, tidal marshes and flats. BAARI was developed using a Geographic Information System (GIS) with true color imagery and a suite of ancillary data sources to consistently map aquatic resources around the Bay Area.  The draft GIS dataset was extensively reviewed by regional wetland scientists and stakeholders to ensure it is as accurate as possible. Aquatic features were hand-digitized while referencing ancillary national and local datasets for elevation, streams and wetlands.  Google Earth aereal imagery was used for spotting seasonal variations. Learn more about BAARI mapping procedures and standards in the BAARI Standards and Methodology document.

BAARI is a living dataset that is periodically updated through a map stewardship effort.  Local wetland scientists and managers can suggest updates to improve the accuracy and detail of the GIS dataset using the CARI Editor tool on EcoAtlas .  This BAARI v2.1 dataset (available for download on this webpage) includes updates to stream and wetland features in the Marin, Sonoma and Santa Clara Counties.  The GIS metadata (found in the downloadable zip file below) includes a more detailed description of all the updates in this updated version of BAARI. 

This project was supported by EPA Grant # EM-00T34101 through a sub-agreement with the Bay Area Association of Governments (ABAG).  

Creation Date: 
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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Thursday, December 28, 2017
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GIS vector dataset
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Environmental Informatics Program
Geographic Information Systems
Resilient Landscapes Program
Wetland Monitoring & Assessment
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San Francisco Bay Area
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San Francisco Estuary Institute and Aquatic Science Center (SFEI ASC). 2017. "Bay Area Aquatic Resource Inventory (BAARI) Version 2.1 GIS Data." Accessed [date retrieved].

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