For over ten years, SFEI has one of several Regional Data Centers (RDC) in California that exchanges water quality data to the California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN). SFEI provides data management and visualization services to the San Francisco Bay-Delta and northern montane regions through the RDC and other online webservices such as the Contaminant Data Display and Download Tool (CD3) and EcoAtlas.

SFEI provides scientific support and tools for decision-making and communication through collaborative efforts. As a non-profit and joint-powers authority, they uphold the highest principles to promote the public trust in the integrity of the best-available science. To that end, SFEI has served clients since 1992 to process and harmonize data used in the course of decision making. SFEI leverages the latest innovations in data management to ensure efficient and effective data processing. Clients rely on SFEI for its strong quality control and peerless datasets, known for their use by a broad range of stakeholders. With public agencies and NGOs -- regulators and the regulated community alike -- on its Board of Directors, the organization is designed to foster mutual trust for the science and data it stewards.

Californians depend on SFEI to process data bound for CEDEN due to both its long track record of excellence and its balanced background in technology and interdisciplinary science. Please contact us if you would like help making your data publicly available.

How to Upload Data to the RDC

Below are the different steps for uploading data to SFEI’s RDC. Any party collecting surface water quality data in California can submit data to the RDC and CEDEN. Minimum data quality standards are included in the data format templates employed by all the RDCs, which support sharing data across projects and accross the state.

1. Inform SFEI staff

Contact SFEI’s Data Services team [email protected] if you want to submit an environmental dataset to SFEI's RDC or make any corrections to existing data.

We will provide you with the appropriate data entry templates and documentation for your data type.

2. Populate templates

Use the CEDEN guidance and templates to format your dataset and include valid codes from the controlled vocabulary Lookup Lists.

Use the CEDEN Vocabulary Request Template to submit new codes. 

3. Use online data checker

Check the format and naming conventions of your data by using CEDEN's Data Checker.

Contact SFEI’s Data Services team [email protected] to add your agency if it is not is the list. 

4. Submit completed templates*

Email templates to SFEI at [email protected]. Staff will upload your data into the RDC and contact you with any questions or issues.

5. View and download data 

CEDEN staff will verify your data’s comparability with statewide standards before making data available on CEDEN’s Query Tool

Once in CEDEN, data will also be shared with other web tools, such as CD3 and the National Water Quality Portal.

* Datasets that have successfully passed Step 3 take 2-4 weeks to upload and appear on  CD3, depending on other project committments and available funding.

Questions? SFEI's Data Services team is happy to help you with any of the above steps. Contact us at [email protected].

View your data on CD3!


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