The Montezuma wetland restoration project was authorized in 2001 to restore approximately 2,000 acres of tidal, seasonal, and managed wetlands in an eastern portion of Suisun Marsh where the Project site has been diked and used for agriculture for more than 100 years. The approximately 2,400-acre site is located on the eastern side of Montezuma Slough near the town of Collinsville, California in Solano County. As a result of perimeter levees that isolate the site from Bay-Delta tidal waters and the historical pumping of surface water off the site for agricultural purposes, the current surface elevations have subsided about 4-6 feet below sea level. Approximately 17 million cubic yards of sediment dredged from the San Francisco Bay-Delta will be used to raise surface elevations to conditions suitable for tidal marsh to be re-established at the site. Material dredged from the Bay-Delta (cover and noncover sediment suitable for restoration purposes) will be barged to the site, off-loaded, and placed in settling cells until target elevations are reached. The Project also includes a sediment rehandling facility that will be used to dry additional incoming dredged sediments (cover sediment only) for both on-site use and for off-site reuse.

The Project will be monitored during construction, which is estimated to take more than 20 years, and for at least 10 years after the Project has been completed. The monitoring program is extensive and covers a wide range of physical, chemical, and biological elements including levee stability, settlement, sediment and water quality, and vegetation and special status species surveys. 

The Montezume Technical Review Tream (TRT) provides expert and objective analysis and recommendations on environmental monitoring and assessment of project operations and performance. It regularly reviews the projects annual monitoring results and adaptive management plans for the project. The TRT is chaired by Josh Collins (SFEI), who brings in local, regional, and state wetland scientists, who are expert in the fields of biology, hydrology, chemistry, and ecology, to advise on the projects adaptive management 

2001 to 2020
Programs and Focus Areas: 
Geographic Information Systems
Wetland Monitoring & Assessment
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