Eelgrass Survey GIS Data version 1.0

Eelgrass (Zostera marina and Z. pacifica) is recognized as an important ecological resource in nearshore open coast areas, shallow bays, and estuaries throughout coastal California. Access to regional maps and related monitoring reports for eelgrass is crucial to monitor the extent of eelgrass habitat and how it is changing over time, evaluate the effects of coastal development projects on eelgrass habitat, and inform interested stakeholders and the public about eelgrass distribution.

Flood Control 2.0: Sediment Loads

This dataset contains information on the supply of sediment to major flood control channels around San Francisco Bay and the amount of sediment storage and removal over the past 50+ years. These data can also be explored in an interactive web map.

SediMatch Web Tool

SediMatch is a web tool for matching restoration projects that need sediment with navigational and flood protection dredging projects and other "sediment suppliers" throughout the region to meet current and future sediment supply needs.

California Aquatic Resource Inventory (CARI) version 0.3 GIS Data

The California Aquatic Resources Inventory (CARI) is a Geographic Information System (GIS) dataset of wetlands, streams, and riparian areas consisting of polygon and line features that are standardized to a common wetland classification system. This statewide dataset is hosted online through, a web-service specifically designed to provide wetland information, at variable landscape scales, to environmental scientists, managers and planners in support of the State’s Wetland and Riparian Area Protection Policy (WRAPP).

East Contra Costa Historical Ecology Study GIS Data

Geospatial data describing the historical conditions of the East Contra Costa County were developed to provide information for watershed management, habitat restoration, local education, and research.

SF Bay Nutrients Visualization Tool

This visualization tool facilitates intuitive comparison of continuous data from around the Bay, and across a variety of analytes, to demonstrate the potential for collaborative monitoring across programs.

Resilient Silicon Valley

Drawing on resilience science, regional data, and local expertise, we will develop the vision and tools that will allow stakeholders in the region ensure that local actions contribute toward the creation of a high-functioning and resilient Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Developer Resources at SFEI

Web services provide a standard way to access geo-referenced data online. Although potential uses are numerous, typically web services allow one machine to exchange data with another for timely, automated, and efficient sharing of information. Different service types provide different levels of access to the data, including serving image tiles of the data or the features and attributes themselves.

Regional Data Center

SFEI is one of the state's Regional Data Centers that exchanges water quality data to the California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN). SFEI provides data management and visualization services to the San Francisco Bay-Delta and northern montane regions.

The Pulse of the Bay

Download last year’s Pulse of the Bay! This report from the Regional Monitoring Program for Water Quality in San Francisco Bay summarizes the present state of Bay water quality and looks into the crystal ball at what the condition of Bay water might be 50 years from now.

The Pulse is a companion to the State of the Estuary Report and examines whether Estuary waters are clean enough to be safe for fishing, for swimming, and to provide healthy habitat for aquatic life.

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