Mar 9, 2024

EcoAtlas is a mapping and geographic data visualization tool that continues to evolve to meet emerging needs. The toolset now includes new data layers and summaries to support the watershed planning, tracking, and reporting needs for the state. Within EcoAtlas, the Landscape Profile Tool provides easy access to summaries and data visualizations on watershed characteristics, ecological condition, habitat connectivity, and coastal habitats for an area of interest. The improved design and addition of customized profiles make it straightforward for EcoAtlas users to generate a landscape profile best suited to tracking progress towards programmatic objectives.

The summarized watershed information can be used to develop a Watershed Profile that complies with Water Board requirements for proposed restoration projects or mitigation for dredge or fill projects. A Watershed Profile is a compilation of information on the abundance, diversity, and condition of aquatic resources in a project evaluation area and is used to evaluate the impacts of a project and help define watershed goals. More information on how to generate a Watershed Profile.

New customized profiles summarize baseline acreages of priority coastal habitats (beach, dune, eelgrass, and rocky shore) within the coastal zone regions or by hydrologic region and help track progress towards multiple targets identified in the Ocean Protection Council’s Strategic Plan to protect California’s coast and ocean. Generate a Coastal Habitat Profile.

The Condition Profile includes a new section on Riparian Management that summarizes watershed prioritization recommended actions to support the protection of streams and associated riparian habitats across California. Recommended management actions for a stream reach include the categories of Protect; Risk Reduction; Restoration; Management; and Restoration and Management. More information on the modeled riparian management actions.

Other Contributors: 
Sree Gopal, OPC
Justine Kimball, OPC
Kevin OConnor, CCWG
Eric Stein, SCCWRP
Rafi Mazor, SCCWRP
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Software Engineering
Wetland Monitoring & Assessment