Sep 29, 2015

Fish and shellfish are nutritious and good for you to eat. But some fish and shellfish may absorb toxic chemicals from the food they eat and the water in which they live. Some of these chemicals accumulate over time in the fish and shellfish - and in the people who eat fish and shellfish. Although the chemical levels are usually low, it is a good idea to learn about advisories and monitoring in water bodies where you fish, and for fish or shellfish you eat. The Safe To Eat Portal provides answers to important questions, such as "Does my lake, stream, or ocean location have fish or shellfish with contaminants at levels of concern?"

The latest release of the Safe To Eat Portal includes new trends charts that display concentrations in fish for all years for a given location; new datasets (2012-2013 Wildlife Study and 2014 Clean Lakes); and updated fish advisories.  

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